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Sandvik DE710 exploration drill rig
Former name: UDR200DLS
The DE710 is a powerful and space efficient mid size diamond core drill rig with a heavy duty base frame design. The DE710 is the most versatile rig in it's class and is available in a range of configurations to suit global operational and environmental demands.

  • Features and values
  • Core drilling
  • Mast rod stay platform system
  • Can be transported within a 40' shipping container
  • Drilling capacity up to 1126 m (3693 ft) N

  • Key specifications

6 m (19.69 ft) rod pull capacity
FMC (Bean) W1122BCD pump
1000 m (5906 ft) of 6 mm wireline winch rope (15/64'')
Chuck drive rotation head
John Deere JD6068TF250 diesel engine

Pull down
53.4 kN (12000 lbf)
Pull out
91.2 kN (20500 lbf)

Rotation head output torque
Low rpm for maximum breakout
1454 Nm (1069 lbf ft)
1026 rpm
691 Nm (508 lbf ft)
1500 rpm
475 Nm (349 lbf ft)

Main hoist
Maximum pull
76.6 kN (17200 lbf)
Maximum speed
55m/min (180 ft/min)
Fail-safe brake mechanism
(spring applied, hydraulic release)

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