Pantera Rock Drill 1100

Serial Number: 102T3959-1
Year Manufactured: 2002

Date available: 31 May 2005
Location: indianapolis, IN

Please contact Mike Roseberry at
for additional information.

Notes/Additional Features
(Additions, new parts, etc.)
Rod Changer
Hose Reel
Watermist Injection
Angle Indicator
Dust Collection
Power Extractor

Engine Hours
Percussion Hours

Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor, As Is Where IsGood


- Excellent: <500 Percussion Hours
- Very Good: <1000 Percussion Hours
- Good: <2000 Percussion Hours

The percussion hour meter indicates 2794.0 percussion hours. The Cat engine model #3306DI.
This machine starts easily under its own power. The engine runs and sounds good. Minimal Blow bys detected. A minor engine oil leak is detected at the bottom of the fuel injection pump. The cab is air conditioned with an after market unit, manufactured by Red dot. The A/C unit is working. The cab heater is working. All cab glass is intact. The windshield wipers are working. The operator’s seat is in good condition. The floor mat is in good condition. The headliner and all cab insulation are in good condition. All gauges and warning lights are working. A plastic trim panel surrounding the right joystick control lever is slightly cracked. A plastic trim panel below the front windshield is slightly cracked. All mirrors are in working condition. The drifter model HL1000. The drifter is in good working condition. The drifter was re sealed the week of April 3, 2006. The striker bar was replaced at the time of the drifter re seal job. The drifter travels easily the length of the mast. The drifter guides are in good condition. The feed cables and feed cylinder are in good working condition. All hoses and spools on the mast are in working condition. The boom hoist cylinder was re sealed @ Jan. 2006. All hydraulic cylinders are in working condition. They are not leaking externally. No drifting is detected. The steel changer and carousel are in good condition. The drill is equipped with four pieces of steel, 14ft. long, 90-mm. diameter. All steel is in good condition. The bit is 31/2 in. diameter. Currently the drill is drilling holes 48 ft. deep. The drill is being used daily at Hanson Quarry, Harding St. Indianapolis, Indiana. The dust collectors are in working condition. The boom extend guides are in working condition. The mast angle knuckle is in working condition. The hood over the engine compartment is in good condition. An engine compartment door at the right rear corner of the drill is slightly bent but repairable. The grill over the engine radiator is slightly bent but repairable. An access door to hydraulic valvng behind the cab is slightly bent but repairable. All lights are working. The paint is slightly faded. The drill needs to be thoroughly cleaned with at least touch up paint applied.
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